There are thousands of different ancient cultures and every single one of them had a language, most even came up with some form of a written language. If communication wasn’t important than man wouldn’t have come up with language nor would have God confused the people’s language at the tower of babel. Nor would the have almost every different religion made some sort of holy book.  Literature is communication and perhaps the most effective form of communication, due to the fact that it needs not be repeated, It can clearly summarize a point, and it can last forever without it’s nature changing. The importance of literature does not mean that nothing else is important. It only proves to be an effective legacy and for authors it is our gift to the world that will be left behind.

Written Communication needs not to be repeated or remembered. It is concrete and can be passed to multiple different recipients and multiple different times. When speaking, speech is not always as well thought out and it is reserved for the ears of the present. As many copies of written communication that are made are as many different locations that a message can be understood at one time.

When speaking a person can only be so precise with their words, however when writing a person can be as precise as they like. Making certain, that they get as close to the right message across as possible. Written word also brings enjoyment and elongates our thoughts. It is impossible for any human to recite a four hundred page story from memory, let alone even fifty pages. Written literature assures a clear message that is told in the same exact way every time.

Perhaps most importantly literature leaves a legacy. It can be enjoyed thousands of years after an author has passed away. Many times an author’s work is not respected until after he is dead, because an author does not have to be alive to speak for his work. Good literature with a powerful message speaks for itself.

By making a written message, a person can literally make a creation that will change the world for  the rest of it’s existence. For these reasons humans should never stop righting and never stop reading.  The messages that man leaves behind is important and the messages that our generation leave behind are important. If each generation can draw a pound of wisdom from the last, each generation should inherently be ten times greater.


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