It is difficult not to be complacent in areas we deem unnecessary. If there is no valid reason to perform a certain task, there should never be any expectation for any man to perform that task. With that said this post is for all humans, even those who have no interest in writing. Outer motivation is necessary for many men, there are very few who have the self-motivation to finish large projects on a timeline without sufficient outside pressure. An outline of how any human finds this sort of self-motivation is abstract. This type of motivation can best be found through reason, clear goals, and an undistracted environment.

It is extremely vital that people know the reason why they are doing certain things. If someone does not question the morality and purpose of things they do on a regular basis, they run the risk of becoming ignorant and lazy. It is perhaps more important for authors to question the purpose of what they are writing or doing than it is for the average man. The purpose for each different piece of writing varies slightly, but there are a few general intents in almost all writings which are similar. If a writer is able to keep in mind the end desire for their writing it is much easier to stay motivated. A chief function for a majority of literature, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, is to inform the reader. In fiction this may represent itself as informing the reader of an issue or idea; in non-fiction it would represent itself as informing the reader of an event or a way to do something. Another less prevalent purpose of most books is to make money. Last, it is important that a book or screenplay be created to be artistically successful and engaging. From a general perspective it is important to always know the reason for doing something so that one’s work might be more direct and purposeful, therefore increasing the quality.

After one has discovered the objective behind a certain task it is important that they set barely obtainable goals. These goals should be self made deadlines that are as flexible as a deadline for work or school would be. My personal goal has been to finish one big project by the end of each summer. For my forthcoming novel my goal is to finish the writing phase before May 2017.  My encouragement is to never let these self made deadlines sneak up. However, set aside time to work on these projects every week or maybe every day. As a fictional author it can be difficult to deal with these timelines. This is due to the fact that it can seem nearly impossible to speed up the creative process. This is a struggle I would personally not understand to it’s full extent. My advice towards those stuck with writers block is to avoid perfectionism. Force yourself to start typing, and get something down. By forcing themselves to continue on with the story a writer is awakening the creative juices and reminding their mind of the direction that a story needs to, or needs not to take.

Even with a perfect timeline, and self-drive, there are certain tasks that can only be done in a perfect environment. I have found that in order to work on an intellectual basis, I must completely free myself from the distractions of this world. An undistracted work environment looks different for all types of work, and all types of people. I personally have two environments that never fail to work for me. The first environment is for all work that is not creative writing. I close my door, put on music to overpower the sounds of the outside world, and sit down to work.The second method I use for all creative writing. I close my door, prop up some pillows on my bed, against the wall, and I lay upright on my bed typing on my laptop, completely oblivious to the world around me. When I write creatively I must be comfortable, and I must be so free from distraction, that I can almost put myself in the story. These are only methods I use, but neither of them would ever work if I didn’t turn off all social media, and throw my phone across the room.

In order to be completely self-motivated it is absolutely necessary to know the purpose behind all tasks, to set clear goals and to work completely undistracted. Doing these things looks different for every human. Figuring out how to do these things is a matter of experimentation. It is essential to learn how to work when no one is in your face telling you to do it.  It is also a lost art in modern day society.



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