As an author the hardest part about writing any project is turning it over to other people. After writing Reaching The Start, almost two years ago I have only had two people read the screenplay completely, and only myself has edited it. I’ve found that it does not work to wait on family members to edit book length documents, unless you plan on waiting a few years. This is because most people don’t frequently read  in the first place, and they have a busy life. It would be a great thing to find an acquaintance or friend that understands how to read screenplays. This I find to be nearly impossible unless you happen to live right in the heart of the film industry, simply because very few people actually read screenplays. I have received a few helpful suggestions from those who have read the screenplay, but I find those hard to take into account. I find it is important to just suck up my pride and make some amendments. I took into account my brother’s suggestion of reading the whole screenplay aloud to change some things. After this, my screenplay was improved significantly. I find that after a great self-edit my screenplay is almost ready. The only aspect that needs serious work is the beginning, so I am sending my script in for a 20 dollar first ten page analysis. I hope that I will not have to spend 200 dollars on a full on edit, but that may be an unavoidable case.


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