As great as many authors imaginations can be there is never as great a location as one that an author has experienced themselves. This location can be experienced through complete imagination or through having actually been there.  As an author, it is preferable to have actually been to every place or been in every situation you write about. However, that is not preferable for readers. So in order to create a successful story, an author must write about situations and locations as if they have personally been in them. This is a difficult task to accomplish and there are three main tips that I have to offer when it comes to this daunting task. The points I have to offer support how a location must be visited by an author in life, imagination, or in technicality.

First, it is important to actually experience as much life as possible. If the primary goal of a story is to illicit emotion in the mind of the reader it is important to relate the story in at least a slight way to your audience. One way to do this is by setting the audience up with familiar settings, feelings, and interactions between characters. Imagine an author that stays inside all day, every day, and writes, rarely speaking to other humans, and never taking vacations. This authors interaction would be relatable to a select few, but for the most part, the world this author wrote about would have nothing to do with the world we live in.  In order to write about life on this earth, an author must first live life on this earth. That’s why it is important to understand not only human nature but also nature in general as an author. The more locations that a human has been in, the more locations that same human can describe with ninety percent accuracy. It is important when visiting a location to completely soak it in. Take mental pictures and even memorize certain details.

Secondly, it is vital to practice imagination. It is obvious that no one human can travel the whole earth or even remotely experience any of the situations that they dream up. That is why an author must live a story out in their head before they can ever write it down on paper. It is important to make up fictional locations through the use of perfect description. It is important to either visit a place in life, imagination or in technicality. It is a different level of struggle for each person to do different types of these. I find the imagination the easiest because it comes straight from my mind. I feel that if others would live the adventure they have in their imagination it would pay off for them as well.

The last tip I have to offer for describing a location perfectly is to literally research and learn the location. This is the one that I find to be the most strenuous and difficult, but it is a needed skill. I had to describe the White House, Capitol Building, and DCA airport in Reaching The Start. Well, what happened when I described three well-known locations I had never visited? It turned out to be a ginormous success. That was only after printing out detailed blueprints, pictures and descriptions of all three. I had to pour over pictures of the three locations until it was if I had been there. This is a rough strategy, but in the end, it will pay off.

It is only after appearing within a scene in some way that an author can write a compelling description of it. It took me a long while for me to discover this myself. However, since I have begun to familiarize myself with the world I write about, the quality of my writing has continued to increase exponentially.


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